Lauren Mishcons happy birth doula clients

"Lauren helped us feel safe and secure and that we were doing things right while we were at home. We definitely stayed home for longer than if it was just us. I didn’t need to worry about Tim worrying about me, as he knew she would ensure I’d be OK. She was very encouraging and instinctively knew when to be near and offer help (reassurance, hand holding, massage, lavender bath) and when to leave me be. During the labour and birth it was great to have Lauren as a liason between midwife and me, as I really couldn’t talk and to do so would have taken me out of my calm state. Lauren was brilliant as she remembered what we had talked about and decided earlier (such as letting the cord finish pulsing and delivering the placenta naturally).

It was also great to hear her be so positive about how I was doing. I could hear her talking to Tim about how brilliant I was doing and how amazing the midwife was, this helped keep me positive. She kept on saying how well I was doing and made me feel proud and like I was doing all the right things and that I could survive the next phase. Lauren made it seem completely normal for us to have decided against certain interventions and was supportive of our choices. In the final stages Lauren recognised I needed some encouragement from Tim and let him know without my noticing.

Lauren helped to clean me and the bed and took fantastic photos of us three together. We would have completely forgotten to take photos as we were so caught up in the moment. I didn’t even realise she had taken them, she even made sure I had lip gloss on! She was great helping Tim to clean Joseph and put him in his first nappy, which he had little experience of. Lauren knew the right time to leave us to it after the delivery.
Lauren was modest in her part towards such a successful birth, instead writing a letter to the hospital to praise the midwife and making me feel like super woman with all her positive comments about me being stoic and how privileged she felt to be at such a natural birth.
I dont have enough words to thank Lauren for her support and encouragement throughout my pregnancy, birth and beyond. Lauren is a huge part of why I will always have fond memories of Joseph's birth and feel positive about my next birth".
– J – (mum to baby Joseph)

New baby with older sister and mum

" I cant thank Lauren enough, she was such a great support.
She was friendly, professional and made our birth a fantastic experience".
– L – ( mum to baby Ruby Skye)

"Thank you so much for your invaluable help at the birth. I feel so lucky to have the labour experience I hardly dared dream I would have especially after a c-section. I have little doubt that your presence and advice (& hugely calming influence) enabled me to have such a quick, smooth, uncomplicated time of it".
– T– (mum to baby Eliora)

mum holding newborn baby

"It was great to always have someone trusted with me and close by. She was reassuring and calm which helped me remain calm throughout".
– J – (mum to baby Kayla)

Mum with just-born new baby

“Lauren helped us prepare for labour and understand both the physical and the emotional side of birth. She made us feel confident and prepared."
– V – (mum to baby Jake)

"Lauren also supported us when we needed intervention (ventouse)
it was a great comfort to have her there and she made the whole experience a lot easier to cope with"
– B – (dad to baby Jake)

newbirn baby asleep on mum's shoulder

“Lauren helped me to work through the issues surrounding my previous birth experience, helped me to put that behind me and prepare for the upcoming birth. Most importantly she was available and encouraged me to talk at length through my hopes & fears. She was extremely professional and a perfect balance of assertive and gentle. She intuitively knew just what was required in each situation and for me as an individual. ”
– L– (mum to baby Evan)

“Lauren was amazing ! She helped me through a painful car journey to hospital giving advice on positions and breathing. Whilst in hospital she encouraged, supported, massaged and offered me help in achieving my birth plan as closely as possible. Lauren was absolutely fantastic and I felt comfortable with her from the first time we spoke. She is very enthusiastic and is a wonderful doula !”.
– M – (mum to baby Brady)