Shared Doula Care

Please get in touch for my availability and price.

Due to high demand I also offer an option of shared care with my fantastic doula partner Nina Forman.

Shared care is two doulas working together both bringing our experience and skills.

We attend all the ante natal sessions together so you get to know us both equally well and we both go on-call for you; meaning that during your birth you are guaranteed to be supported by one of us - a familiar face who you already know and trust. It also means in the case of an emergency we have no need to call in an emergency back-up who you would not know.

Should you have a very long labour it also means that we can seamlessly swap in with each other providing you with a fresh doula who is best equipped to support you. The fee is the same as hiring us individually. So you get two amazing doulas for the price of one!


Engaging Lauren and Nina as our doulas immediately helped me feel more at ease and confident that I could attain the natural, intervention free birth that I had hoped for - and thankfully experienced. Prior to birth we received pragmatic and useful advice, guiding us with a birth plan that was right for me, and steering us so that the birthing centre was made available despite me being an older mum. During labour my husband and I were supported in a quiet and calm manner - from being assisted at home, during the taxi ride and throughout birth at hospital. The ladies both visited me at home afterwards. I highly recommend Lauren and Nina and we’re thankful that they were part of our little one’s birth.
-N - (mum to baby S)