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Birth Doula Support

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Birth Package

My birth package includes:

  • A free initial consultation in the comfort of your own home to discuss how I can best support you. An opportunity to see how we all get on and to ask any questions.
  • A chance to debrief any previous birth experiences.
  • Unlimited contact via phone/text/email throughout your pregnancy and up to six weeks post birth to answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • Two ante natal sessions in your home to go through ideas, offer information, tools and practicalities
  • Help formulating a birth plan
  • 24hr seven days a week “on-call” period from weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy
  • Continuous emotional and physical support through labour and birth
  • One post natal visit - an opportunity to talk through your birth and answer any questions; and of course admire your beautiful new baby!


Birth Preparation

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You may not wish to hire a doula to attend the birth, but may benefit from discussing what will happen during your birth or your previous birth experiences
and ways to improve upon them this time around. This can be done in a private session that is tailored to your individual needs without having to listen to a
generalised discussion in a big group, wait your turn to ask questions or have to take part in any team bonding exercises!

I will be able to share ideas and ways of preparing for the birth and postnatal period and you can ask as many questions as you like! This is also a good
opportunity for your birth partner to find out how they can support you best through your labour and birth.

Birth Preparation Workshop
This is a 3 hour private discussion in your home that will inform you and your partner about the birth process. You will receive totally unbiased information
about the birth process and the options available to you.

This will include;
An opportunity to ‘debrief’ any previous birth experiences.
A chance to voice any worries and concerns in a private, safe space with no fears of feeling ‘judged’

  • The 'Roadmap of Labour' and the birth process
  • pain relief options
  • Hormones and the effect the birth environment has on labour
  • Positions to encourage straightforward labour and birth
  • help formulating a birth plan document or your birth preferences
  • Hospital procedures and communicating with health professionals
  • Induction and Augmentation…and more.

Includes e-mail/ telephone support to clarify information or answer specific
questions after the session.

If you wish to book me to attend the birth following one of these sessions the
entire cost will be deducted from the Birth Package fee.

Birth debrief

Please get in touch for my availability and price

Every birth is unique. Even if you have been through birth before there can be questions about what happened or trauma. There is a new baby to care for along with the exhaustion and the physical healing and it’s easy to internalise your feelings and just truck on with life. Traumatic births or births that do not end as expected can often cause upset and unresolved feelings. These can have long term consequences for both mothers and the family. A birth debrief is an opportunity to talk through and process your experience in a private and confidential space giving you an opportunity to understand what happened and ask questions. Sharing and unpacking your birth in order to accept it, with an aim to move forward and reclaim your birth story.

Dad’s should debrief too!

Witnessing your partner in pain and feeling helpless can deeply and adversely affect men too. Emergencies or not understanding what happened can leave dads feeling traumatised by what they have witnessed. Offloading can help both partners understand and support each other better.

Access Fund

As a member of Doula UK, I also have access to an access fund for those who would like to employ a doula but feel they are unable to pay for her services.

For more information visit: Doula UK Access Fund